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Who is InSync?

The InSync Network Group helps professional Australians navigate their career and the local job market as they return home.  The Group offers tailored career advisory services for individuals, global talent management programs for organisations and access to a range of events and resources for any Australian coming home with a career.

About Margot

InSync was founded in 2017 by Margot Andersen, a repatriate from London and the owner of talentinsight Australia, a career management and leadership consultancy.

Margot works with professionals to confidently and successfully manage transition: be it leading businesses and people through change; managing the transition to management or leadership; navigating a new job or career path; or relocating lives and careers around the world.

She works with businesses and individuals as an advisor, trainer and executive coach.

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I’m back

Events, resources and programs best betmgm slotsto help you hit the ground running.

I’ve got a plan

Events, resources and programs to help you prepare before you arrive home.

I’m thinking about it

Events, resources and programs to help you stay informed and connected.

I’m an organisation

Advisory services and programs to help organisations retain and engage staff.

Work with Individuals

Helping individuals to manage their career and rebuild their professional network as they return to Australia through a range of tailored programs, workshops and events 

Work with organisations

Working with organisations and their leaders and global talent to effectively manage post-overseas assignment issues and improve the employee repatriation experience. 


Margot starts InSync

after finding she was becoming a ‘repat magnet’ during training sessions she led as part of her work with talentinsight.

“I consistently found that when I told my story of coming home as a repat and pivoting my career, I was gaining the attention of any fellow expat-repat in the room.”

The Group started as a way for Margot to work with individuals who needed help translating their international experience for the local job market and as a way for returning repats to meet and share stories.


COVID cancels events but births a podcast

COVID put a temporary end to InSync events that had best betmgm slotsbeen taking place quarterly in Sydney and Melbourne and in a very 2020 move, the Boomeranging podcast was born.

The podcast, now in its fourth season, is a collection of interviews with Australians sharing their career stories of returning to Australia after many years living and working overseas.


The inaugural Australian Expat Career Survey

The inaugural Australian Expat Career Survey was conducted producing the report ‘Should I stay or should I go’? in November. 450 Australians based overseas or returned in the last three years participated in the survey.


Workshops & online content

InSync Network Group launches workshops and online content for betmgm live bettingAustralians preparing their careers to come home in addition to regular news about the Australian job market.


Our Partners