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The stories of accompanying expats, often go untold. With a focus on careers as the primary driver for relocation, it is important to remember the families of those that transition.

When Andrea Barton’betmgm live bettings husband was offered a relocation to Lagos, Nigeria, she was forced to think about her career and how to reshape it. Throwing herself initially into community initiatives Andrea explored her passion for writing and storytelling. Over the next 13 years and multiple moves, Andrea’s writing drew inspiration from the people, places and communities she and her family found themselves living in.

Five books later, Andrea&BetMGM live casino#8217;s writing has continued to shape her career and move with her now that she has returned to Australia. Since arriving ‘home’, Andrea has been working on developing her literary network, starting her own company and finalising her novel.

Her debut novel, betmgm live betting, was published this year and is available now.  

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