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When Angella left Australia at aged 29, she knew she would be gone longer than two years.  With expat parents and grandparents, a life overseas was always on the cards.

But she didn’t know it would be 22 years.

Or that her time overseas would include 13 years in Bahrain.

Or that when she eventually betmgm online live dealer gamecame home, she would change her professional identity.

For someone who had always worked in talent management and workforce design, and whose career had led her family’s choice of where to live, changing her career path was particularly profound.

It was also the result of an evolution not revolution.

In this podcast, Angella shares how coming home to Australia and starting again, forced her to evaluate betmgm live bettingher career path and the turn it took next.  She shares her philosophy of ‘saying yes to everything’ to build knowledge and networks and how it is okay for someone who manages careers to ask for help managing their own.

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