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Many of my guests leave for overseas for a job opportunity…but few come home for one.

Jason Whiley is one of the lucky few who after 18 years overseas, didn’t just come home with a job with global Security Tech company Giesecke+Devrient – he came back with a newly created APAC role, which he now does from his home on the Gold Coast.

In this interview, we best betmgm slotstalk about Jason’s time overseas in Europe and the Middle East which saw him work for two employers, both of whom he has worked for, for nearly three decades.

Having tenure and strong relationships with both employers meant when it was time to come home, Jason could have open conversations about his return and his willingness to work on any opportunity to leverage his experience.  The result of these conversations led him to a role with G&D who were looking betmgm online live dealer gameto expand in the region.

During the podcast, we go into the conversations Jason had with his employers and the planning that when into the role that Jason helped create.

And an early heads up, the process was not quick!  But for the patient, Jason’s story has some great lessons for those who find themselves with great, global employers keen to capture their value…even if it is from the other side of the world.

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