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Mark Lindley left Australia for a life overseas with no job and returned 12 years later in the same situation. 

But in both scenarios – he had a grand plan underpinned by dreams to choose where he wanted to live and let the career follow. 

And it worked out for Mark – both in Dubai and today in the Gold Coast.

In this podcast, I talk betmgm online live dealer gameto Mark about how he and his wife chose Dubai for their overseas adventure and the next chapter in their already established careers.

And he tells me how after 12 years in senior HR roles which saw him responsible for thousands of staff across the world, he woke up one day and just realised ‘it was time’.

Rather than come back to his old home in Sydney, Mark and his wife decided on Gold Coast, a city neither had ever lived in. They were determined to keep their adventure going – and that adventure best betmgm slotscontinued to involve sand!  He was also determined to not let a job dictate where he ultimately lived so the Gold Coast decision came way before a job decision was made.

I talk to Mark about how he planned his return navigating his global experience and roles into a career he could manage from the Gold Coast, largely remotely and often in his shorts.

And he explains why after a career of permanent jobs, he has become is a big fan of the contract.  His advice, just make sure it goes for a year.

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