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gourmet dog mealsAfter hiking on miles and miles of trails with my own dogs, and watching my kids and their friends head off on backpacking excursions and road trips with theirs, I decided there had to be a more sensible way to bring along all those necessary pounds of dog food. Although I’m a big fan of strapping saddle bags on my four-legged friends, it’s often nicer if they can help carry some of my load, rather than only having room for theirs. Dog food is heavy, bulky and if it gets wet, it’s pretty awful. I figured there are many varieties of dehydrated, light-weight food options for people, why shouldn’t there be the same options for dogs. And so shortly afterpurchasing my first dehydrator, which I bought to make my own dried fruit and beef jerky at home, it dawned on me…I could make dehydrated meals for my own dogs and I could make dehydrated meals for your dogs, too. And so that’s what I’ve done, and there you have it.


buy dog mealsPeakWaggers gourmet dog meals are light-weight, compact, non-perishable and nutritious. Designed with those on-the-go in mind, PeakWaggers is ideal for the backpacker, the fisherman or the traveler, as well as anyone else seeking a practical, alternative meal for their dogs. Our products are made with all-natural, human-grade ingredients that include beef, chicken, vegetables, potatoes, rice, bulgur wheat, barley, oats and sweet potatoes. They are high in protein, fat, and fiber, and are perfectly seasoned to make any pooch’s mouth water. No sodium or preservatives are ever added. PeakWaggers food is designed for intermittent or supplemental feedings only.

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